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July 04, 2022

How Can Geofencing In Huntsville Enhance Home Security?

Today's home security installations have become more advanced by the day. Even so, it doesn't take much to neglect to perform basic security duties like arming your home security, lowering the garage door, or locking all your doors.

How would you feel if you no longer needed to worry about these things again? With geofencing in Huntsville, you won’t need to.

What is Geofencing In Huntsville For Security Systems?

Geofencing draws a virtual border around your house, which you may customize within your smartphone app. The technology then utilizes your cell phone to see when you go past the boundary and then triggers pre-programmed actions or notifications.

How Is Geofencing Possible?

Geofencing relies on z-wave, a home automation protocol that smart components take advantage of to interact with one another. This technological advancement aids your security system by centralizing all devices onto one, unified network. You can then draw a virtual “fence” along the perimeter of your property and designate particular actions if you move beyond the prearranged border line.

For example, shortly after you leave your driveway, you could set your security system to engage door locks, shut the garage door, and turn on your alarm. Conversely, when you return to your house, geofencing can inform your system to disengage the alarm, raise the garage door, brighten first-floor lights, and even change your smart thermostat.

Here are a handful of the technologies you can command with geofencing:

● Lighting

● Smart thermostats

● Surveillance and alarms

● Home electronics including speakers or TVs

● Garage door sensors

Geofencing, Scheduling, And Scenes Are All Possible With Your Mobile Security App

Geofencing is only one of a variety of ways you can utilize your home security system in Huntsville. When you download the security app, you have the ability to do a lot with automation. Just tap the app interface, and you are able to:

● Enable Scheduling: program your smart components to operate at the times of your choice. Instruct your lighting to dim to tell you that it's time to turn in for the night, or disarm your home’s alarm as you start your day.

● Control device interactions: Make particular devices activate based on another activity. Direct your thermostat to activate the fan if the CO detector goes off. Or turn on your smart bulb in the hallway when your doorbell camera notices unusual motion in the yard.

● Preprogram scenes: Create scenes featuring various devices that function in concert with each other. Make your lighting turn off, the thermostat go down, and the smart locks bolt at the end of the day. Or customize a scene for movie night with specific lighting and HVAC levels.

● Geofence your security: You may not always remember to enable the security system if you're rushing around in the morning. With geofencing functionality and your cell phone, you'll never forget to turn on your alarms and lower the garage door.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Geofencing in Huntsville

Whether you desire added reassurance of a safe, secure home whenever you go to work or you want to automate your smart home technology, geofencing is a wise choice. Contact a skilled member of our team today at (256) 240-0573 or complete the form on this page to start designing your perfect security system.